Trilby explains it all

“… So you see, Rabbit, it’s not YOU, it’s Uranus transiting Pisces.”

Rabbit (shivering): “B-b-b-b ut I’m so wet!”


Trilby: “Uh huh, well either get a slicker and a ‘brelly or get use to it! It’s going to be around for a long time. And you better go home now and dry off, besides I’ve got two new clients coming in a minute.”
Trilby’s new clients arrive as Rabbit sets off on her bike — the rain still pouring down.


Trilby: “Make yourselves comfortable, Sweeties! I’ve never charted twins before. This is sooo interesting. Mmmm, uh huh … ah hah…


…well even though you are identical, there are few tiny differences in your charts. Very interesting! Of course you are both Pisces with Cancer rising, but your moons are different. Win, yours is in Sagittarius and Zan’s is in Capricorn. So emotionally you are VERY different, aren’t you?”


Trilby: “Here, Win, this is your chart. You can look at it while I explain it. Naturally the total chart just screams fae — I mean you are sprites, for goddess sakes!
Oooo! That reminds me. Have heard the rumor about the newly appointed Faerie Queen visiting Annie’s Raggedies? I think she was out in Colorado at Miss Wendy’s Treehouse. But she had to leave there in a hurry for some reason.”
Zan: “BUT there is NO official word on that from the Treehouse Underground Messaging Service. But I do know from some mind-mail that something is definitely going on there. Many are incommunicado — even in sleep mode, if you will. And though, again, no Official Word, that Miss Wendy herself is leaving!”


Trilby: “Well, isn’t that just like Miranda for you! She’s my cousin, you know. Never a word! Anyway, I’d sure like to get my hands on that Faerie Queen’s natal chart! Ooooo what a coup! Wonder how I can…”